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Municipal Law

Lawyers representing towns, counties, law enforcement and utilities

Lee Groves & Zalas is closely connected to the South Bend community and provides effective legal defense for numerous municipal organizations. If your job entails risk management for a local government entity, work with a law firm that has experience in the courtrooms of northern Indiana.

Defense of municipalities

Indiana towns and counties are often recipients of lawsuits brought by individuals and businesses. Complaints against municipalities involve issues such as:

  • Denial of applications for permits and licenses
  • Rejection of construction bids
  • Slip and fall injuries on public property

Many towns and counties are inclined to settle lawsuits quickly, spending taxpayer resources unnecessarily. However, your municipality can fight claims at trial with the help of the skilled lawyers at Lee Groves & Zalas.

Law enforcement defense

Police departments and sheriff’s offices are uniquely vulnerable to accusations of mistreatment. People in custody may allege:

  • Brutality
  • Sexual abuse
  • Civil rights violations

Lee Groves & Zalas has successfully represented various law enforcement departments at trial, protecting their public reputations and preserving their professional relationships with the towns and counties.

Disputes with public utilities

Utility companies are routinely subject to lawsuits. Claims may range from financial injury caused by inadequate service to physical injury as a result of construction defects. This firm defends lawsuits against:

  • Electricity providers
  • Natural gas suppliers
  • Water companies

The experienced trial attorneys at Lee Groves & Zalas contest claims against utility companies, striving to mitigate their liability.

Seek practical solutions for municipal lawsuits

Lee Groves & Zalas offers professional and thorough municipal defense.